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May 15, 2018!


Recent Comments from Rick Schultz's Speaking Engagements:

"Very well done, informative & informational-entertaining. Thank you."

"Gained a lot of knowledge to take back to our hospital. Will try to move change in the right direction."

"Great. Could listen to all weekend learning. Many things to take back. Please have him come again."

"Awesome!! So informative. I learned so much. So much useful information."

"I've seen Rick about 4-5 times and I also learn something new."

"He is great! Lots of useful information. I've had the pleasure to hear Rick multiple times. Always enjoyed him."

"Out of all the speakers I learned the most from him. He kept the audience engaged the whole time."

"3rd time hearing Rick, still learning new stuff, still very enjoyable & interesting"

"Rick was very organized and I learned a lot of new ideas on how to inspect the instruments."

"Rick, I wanted to thank you for devoting your time to our Sterile Processing group. We have had nothing but rave reviews and such excitement from the staff that I never expected. Two of my staff were at my door today with the results of the “foil test” of the Ultrasonic’s and have put the “Teaching box” into use."

"You are truly inspirational to the staff and I appreciate your sincere dedication. The entire group was thrilled with having the opportunity to have a “ private” seminar just for them with you speaking to them. It has lifted their spirits and their value as employees in Sterile Processing. Thank you to you and your wonderful group for all of the work they put into this preparation. We were honored to have you. We look forward to seeing you again soon."

Manager, Clinical Operations

“Rick Schultz is a wonderful speaker. He really knows how to grab and keep your attention, even when you’re trying to take a nap!!! I really enjoyed his instrument course yesterday. Very informative. Thanks!”

"Thank you so much for presenting at our Spring program. I really appreciate you coming in and doing this for the Mass Chapter. You always bring a lot of great information to our meeting. We need to get the word out and thank goodness for people like you. Not only did CS think you were GREAT but the nurses that attended asked me to bring you back again. They thought you were extremely knowledgeable and an excellent public speaker. They really need a better understanding of instrumentation and your presentations helped bridge the gap. You were awesome. Of course they want you to come back and I hope you will. I hope you enjoyed yourself. Sorry I did not get to see you leave. I hope you had a nice flight home. Thanks again for all your support."

    Manager SPD & Materials Management

“Thank you for Saturday it was fantastic. Everyone had wonderful things to say. You are just full of knowledge and present it at a level so that even the newest technician can understand. You just don't know how happy and relieved I was when you arrived. Thank you again."

    Manager Sterile Processing, CRCST CMMC

“Rick taught me a lot about inspecting surgical instruments. Very easy to listen to, kept my attention. Well-stated speech. Learned a lot. Thank you! "

    Manager Sterile Processing

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"Inspecting Surgical Instruments; an Illustrated Guide" — Great teaching and referencing tool for staff training"
L.F.A. Sterilization Manager